Friday, February 5, 2016

Veneer Hammer

It's been well over a year since my last post. For several reasons including almost having the roof over the garage were my shop is located collapse from snow load, and the foundation needed to be repaired,these thing had to take precedence over playing in my shop. I had to put most of my woodworking on pause. But as it looks I can know get back to it. I did have the opportunity to go to my yearly class at MASW and take a class for  French Marquetry from Patrick Edwards.  It was a great learning experience for sure. I.m scheduled for anther veneer and inlay class from Scott Grove in May and am looking forward to that.

One of the things on my bucket list was to make a veneer hammer and being its something small to make it would be the perfect project to get my woodworking chops back in gear. I used the hammer from.Tom Fidgin's the Unplugged Woodshop blog as the model.
 I started with a couple pieces of scrap, a nasty piece of walnut and some curly ash from a log I bought a few years ago. 
 I wanted a turned handle but I have very little turning skills and the fact that it was a such a nasty piece of wood it didn't make it very easy on me to turn. I first made a thru tenon to fit the ash then I turned the handle. I used  a piece of 1"x 1/8" brass bar stock for body of the hammer.

This is the pattern for the body of the hammer.
I put a Waterlox oil finish on it.I have a project in mind to try it out on that I need to get done soon so hopefully I can start working on that soon. Hear are a few pics of the finished hammer.

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