Monday, November 12, 2012

Maloof Low Back

I know I told myself I would stick to my own designs and stay away from patterns but there are a few bucket list projects I want to do and at least two have Sam Maloof  for inspiration.I have already done a Maloof rocker and its not bad but I really think I can do better.
I have the plans for both the rocker and the low back dinning chair from Charles Brock and I think they well done and easy to follow. I started with 6/4 walnut but as it was air dried and 1 1/2 in the rough form after planning it down it was a little narrower than what the plans call for but I'm making it work.
Chair parts broke down
Dry fit just before glue up

I don't know how it happened but I when I cut the parts out I didn't leave enough material for a seamless transition from the arm to seat so it looks a bit like an hour glass but I can live with that.
I have it shaped and sanded (mostly) to 80 grit.
I did that all with a random orbit sander. I just have to hit the rough spots I can't reach with the sander by hand. The hardest part is going through all the sanding grits up to 400 and finding a spot you missed when the light hits it just right. then that spot goes back to square one and then you work your way back up.

As it stands know I have the low back chair completed to the above form, it will be just a matter of filling some small knot holes with epoxy plug the screw holes then sanding and sanding and sanding and sanding it.Then maybe if I don't have to sand some more I can put a finish on it, at least that's what it was like when I did the rocker.


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