Monday, November 26, 2012

Finishing up the Maloof Low Back

I must admit this low back  dinning chair had less sanding involved to get it to the point were you could put a finish on it but I also had one simple trick up my sleeve that I didn't on the rocker..... a card scraper. When I made the rocker some years back I was new to using a card scraper and I had no idea how to sharpen the curved style scrapers. On the rocker I sanded the whole chair starting with 80 grit and worked my way up. This time I could get most but not all the rasp marks out with the card scraper and then start sanding with 100 grit. There was still at least 10 hours of hand sanding ( I never counted but it seemed like forever) and when I was finished I still found a few area's that I should have went back and touched up but as this was a chair made for myself and not one I intended to sell  I  left it go. The Finish on the chair is the one that Sam used. You mix one part tung oil, one part boiled linseed oil, and one part urethane. This was put on generously with a rag and then wiped down. This was done once a day for four days then it was one part tung oil, one part linseed oil,and some melted bee's wax., a coat of this once a day was done twice and its done. The only thing I didn't do is level the chair, that probably should have been done before finishing but I was so eager to put a finish on that I forgot. I hope to try to learn something with every new project I complete and this was no exception. The next time I make a Mallof chair I will get one of those little detail sanders for getting into all the tight spots also as was shown in the Charles Brock video a Fordom tool for shaping the parts would have been great.
The chair in its new home!


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