Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Some Ash Lumber

I've been wanting to post some ideas I had for my next project but have been just plain lazy about that  so I thought I would post a couple pics of a log I brought back from Point Rock N.Y. I was there delivering the pine chair to my Mother-in-Law and had a nice Amish guy cut me an ash log he cut down. I had my Father-in -Law tell him to cut anything under 12" into 8/4 and the rest into 4/4, Well what I didn't know at the time was it was all well over 12" so it was all cut to 4/4. I think the widest board is 27"!!! He told me It was going to be $.70 a BF but the whole log was only $180 so I think it was a lot less. He usually only saws hemlock but the last time I talked to him I told him I would buy any hardwood he came across.
These were  taken after I already had taken several boards out of the truck
 It was getting dark when I got back so all I did was stack it on some elevated 4x4's and cover it. It's raining today so I will probably wait to sticker and re-stack it. There was mention of a cherry tree he found so I will definitely be stopping back for a visit to my new favorite saw mill. I don't know of any other mills that sell baked goods as well. Lumber, cookies,pies,and home made donuts, what more could you ask?

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