Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pine Chair .... Finishing Up

With the seat cushion finally in hand it was a small matter to finish this chair up. I put a couple coats of a water based stain on the disassembled chair parts and after that I put on a couple coats of amber shellac. This is the first time I put a finish on a piece before assembly and it seemed to work fine. The only parts that needed to be glued were the arm supports to the arms, the rest was just screwed and plugged. After plugging all the screw holes I had to sand and refinish those areas but because it was shellac it was a real easy repair.

The last thing was to upholster the seat and back rest, well let me just say I'm no upholsterer but it turned out acceptable at least. Now all that's left to do is deliver the chair and find out if it sits fine,I'm making changes to it, or making a whole new chair altogether.

  I wish I had more time to spend making a more elegant chair with many more details but I'm sure that would have taken way too long for this purpose so maybe that will happen some time later.

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  1. Your chair is really a nice piece of furniture, Paul. I am also seeing the wood inlays on your background wall. Beautiful stuff.


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