Saturday, July 6, 2013



I have been kicking around the idea of building this french marquetry tool for some time and after my last project I thought it was time. I have seen the work that can be done from this tool and it is amazing I'm not saying  that it cannot be done from a scroll saw because I have seen the work of some of the masters like Silas Koptf and Paul Schurch do amazing things with the scroll saw but I just don't seem to be able to get real good results when cutting small parts or lettering from my scroll saw so I try to avoid doing it whenever possible.

I am a member of a online woodworking group called Lumber Jocks and there is several people who have built  this tool and have promissed me all the help I need. They also have a forum just for "chevy" owners and those interested in them. The owner of  The American School of French Marquetry Patick Edwards and Patrice Lajune who works with Patrick building and restoring furniture are also members of this site and are a wealth of knowledge.

There is one person from this site who is also great help, Paul Miller (shipwright). He did a blog on his build of his first "chevy" and also did a sketchup pattern for it. These two things are going to be invaluable to building this. Soooooo with all that side here is a picture of the Chevalet in its early stage ....... well actulaly its just a peice  a maple 9'' x 4.25" x 12'  I should be very close to enough wood for this project but if not I have a few pc's of maple I could use but it won't be a good color match with the different woods but as its just a tool I'm sure I could live with that.

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