Sunday, July 21, 2013


I spent some time getting all the main parts cut and fitted. Here are a couple photos of the start of my chevy build. As you can see its just the main bones of the tool. I have a few things to refine or should I say clean up but I think I’m off to a good start. The joinery for vertical arm that supports the saw carriage is not done yet, there are two pieces that need to be glued to the side of the main vertical post, and nothing is glued up. I can see even at this stage that this is a pretty beefy tool. I used almost that whole piece of wood I posted and I had to practically drag that thing into the shop. I should be close enough with the wood from that pc. I guess all the easy work is done and now I have to work on all the moving parts. I think this is were the real fun starts and the headaches begin.

Now that I have this started I find that I have three possible commissions to do. I would rather not put this on hold so I'll just have to try to multitask.

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