Monday, August 26, 2013


Well with some long distance help (Vancouver B.C.) from my online friend I have my Chevalet up and running.  I thought I was moving along getting this project done but I was unaware of all the time consuming little parts that had to be made.The brackets that hold the saw blade were made from 1/2" bar stock.

The other parts were just solid round and hollow square bar stock.I mail ordered a couple of end bearings to hold the stainless rod that the saw attaches to but those were the only parts that were not shop made(other than the chain on the pedal)

. I ran a little short on wood from my initial maple board that I was using so I made a few parts from some cherry I had on hand. The saw frame is made from cherry and a couple brackets that hold the saw mechanism are also cherry. The maple is a little dark and the cherry is a little light from being just cut so they look like they are the same shade, but as the light hits the cherry that will change.

I decided not to put any finish on it as of now and was told the chevys at ASFM don't have a finish and are holding up very well. I may decide to just add a little oil finish to it. The whole saw, well about 95% of it was glued together using "Old Brown Glue" a liguid hide glue sold by Patrick Edwards at ASFM.

This glue was a dream to work with. It has a long working time around 30 min. and is totally reversible which was a good thing as I found out.I glued up the part of the  pressure bar that attaches to the main frame and forgot to check for square and it was out just a slight bit but  it was enough to make it unworkable.I just added hot water to the joint and let it set and I was able to take it apart and correct my mistake. I would highly recommend this glue to anyone.

I had to add a little seat as I was not about to sit for hours on a flat pc. of wood.

It took a little time to get the saw adjusted to cut at a perfect 90deg. I made several test cuts making adjustment to the saw frame at the vertical and horizontal adjusters behind the saw after every test. When I was happy it was cutting right I put together a small veneer packet of 4 veneers and cut a bird as a test. It was cut in about 10 min. and was just to see if the parts would fit. I can already tell how much more control I have with this saw and canot wait to get started on a real project.

All remains to do is add a little piece of marquetry on the front pc. were the 4 bolts hold the horizontal arm,this will of course be cut on the chevalet.

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