Saturday, November 9, 2013

Small Cherry Table

I was looking for something easy to do and something that I could try something new on. What I came up with was a small little table made with "Gumby" legs that are larger on the bottom than on top. It will be made from cherry and some Mahogany veneer. The new part of the project for me will be the style of legs often seen in James Krenov furniture and a technique that I saw  in Fine Woodworking by furniture maker Tim Coleman.
What Coleman did was glue on some thin 1/16" pieces of  wood  that have a scroll saw patterns on them over another contrasting wood. It gives the wood a almost carved look or at least some texture to make the piece more interesting.
I started with a pattern out of a scroll saw pattern book. I altered it a little and with the pattern done I could size the sides to fit the pattern. I ended up with 4" wide sides by a little over 12" long. I didn't have any 8/4 cherry so I glued up some 4/4 stock that I had on hand for the legs.

 The 1 1/2" sq. parts were cut using a pattern I made that had a fair curve starting 4" from the top. The legs were a little different than anything I've cut before because your taking material away from the top of the leg as apposed to the bottom on most legs that taper to a smaller size at the bottom. 
Pattern on leg stock

View showing material to be removed

I re-sawed some cherry into pieces a little over 1/16' thick to use for the outer pattern. I used graphite paper to transfer the pattern onto one of the pieces and then stacked and taped them together for cutting. After the parts were cut using a scroll saw I used a knife to ease the edges and then finished up with a small needle file.

 I glued the mahogany veneer to one side of the sides then added the scrolled cherry pieces onto them with some very careful gluing.

Now it is just a matter of making a top, gluing the base togeather, and adding a finish.

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