Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finishing the Small Cherry Table

I started with the top first. The top was made with an mdf substrate  and some of the same mahogany veneer that was used for the sides. After that came out of the press I rapped the edges with 2" cherry.

I used biscuts and got a chance to use  the biscut joiner jig that Michael Fortune did an article on in Fine Woodworking magazine # 227. I built this jig some time ago and never had a chance to use it until now, It works great and definitely makes you rethink bringing the work to the machine instead of the machine to the work when doing biscuts.

I glued on corner blocks for clamping on the cherry edge and then chisled them off and planed it flat after the top was glued up. Next I cut a small bevel on the bottom edge to lighten the look of the top up a little.
Before I could glue the base together I had to trim the sides. The scrolled pieces were sized a little bigger than the sides to give some play during the glue up. The block plane made quick work of that and then I fitted the sides and glued up the base.
The finish on the table was just a just a few coats of spray lacquer from Lowes. I waited and did  the finish before attaching the top.

To attach the top to the base I added corner blocks on the inside and drilled some over sized holes to allow for expansion and contraction when the top was screwed to base. The tenons are not that big on a leg that small so the corner blocks make the table a little more structural sound.

I think the scroll work might just be a little overwhelming for this table, maybe a bit to busy looking but it is starting to grow on me  a little. It might be just a matter of taste. This little table did accomplish what I wanted in that I had a chance to try a few new ideas and I didn't take long or use a lot of materials. Over all its not a bad looking little table and I may just do another one a little different soon.

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