Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Starting Several New Projects

I seem to be getting a bit overwhelmed in the shop lately.I have several projects all going at the same time and this is not something I do full time for a living (good thing, I would starve)

I have been entering a lily themed show at Campbell Pottery, our local pottery store for the last few years and its getting time to start working on that project. I found this very cool tea table on Pinterest and wanted to build it immediately after seeing it. 

Charles Edward Horton (?) (Designer) & James Lamb (1816-1903) (Maker) - Tea Table. Carved Mahogany. Manchester, England. Circa 1887. 26-1/4" x 19-5/8". The Wolfsonian, Florida International University, Miami Beach  Florida 

I wanted to do something with it to use at the Lily Festival so I did a couple drawing. What I came up with is to leave the top scrolls the same but the very middle will have a small inlaid lily. The side panels will have marquetry with calla lilies. I will be doing three of these tables all in cherry and on at least one I am going to attempt a true to the original reproduction. the third is still up in the air. all I have is this one photo so I will do some guess work on the actual fabrication.

Next up is is a few more blanket chests.I still have the bones for at least one cut out from the last time I did one and have been meaning to get back to it. Well I have been doing some drawings on inkscape during the winter to keep busy and to get better at the program. I found a tiger picture I wanted to do in marquetry on my Chevalet. When you do packet cutting marquetry you end up with more than one finished pictures and the marquetry is so large for this project I thought I might just as well do a few Blanket chest,sort of gang cut all the parts together. 

This is the background for the tiger.This is a picture taken somewhere in China. I wanted it to be a place that may actually have tigers.
I did some inkscape drawings from these photo's and came up with a plan to merge the two. I think between the both drawings I will have to cut somewhere in the area of over 200 pieces.
This drawing is 16'' x 32"
The two drawings above are not proportionate to each other. The tiger is about 1/4 the size of the background.I had to number every piece and the make a separate drawing for each piece and then cut them all out so they could be glued to the veneer packets.

Next in line is a jig used to cut perfect shoulders on tenons. I started this a few weeks ago and it just sorta stalled out when I got busy doing other things.I have always had trouble getting real nice shoulders cut on my table saw so this is just the thing I need.

I found this in a recent issue of Popular Woodworking. It is so simple but it will cut tenon shoulders on curved parts with ease. It is basically a small vise used to hold the part.The saw is just a small blade sandwiched between a couple pieces of wood with a handle.

Finally the last two items I have on my list are a glass front gun cabinet for my father in law and a bed made to look like a post and beam structure. A friend of mine has a post and beam building for his hunting camp and wants a bed mad for it. I have most of the drawings done for the gun cabinet including a drawing for the marquetry for the back. All I have for the bed is this picture.

I look forward to doing all these projects but as its spring time now and the busy season where I work I wounder when I'll find the time. Looks like I 'll be working nights and weekends.

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