Friday, February 21, 2014

Finishing Up The Cherry Table

 Well after getting the main parts of the table finished I went about gluing it up. The finish is just a several coats of brushed on shellac finish and then sanded with OOOO steel wool. I glued up the two sides first which was rather easy but because the legs are tapered gluing the rest of it together was a bit more of a challenge. 
I suppose I should have made tapered glue blocks to help with the glue up but I dry ran it first with just some 1/4" shims and it seemed to work. I had to wait for the table to be glued up to get the final measurements on the drawer and top.
The top just needed to  be cut to size and have the corners removed to allow for the legs. I made the drawer from some old flooring someone had given me years ago. They said it was pickle wood which I'm guessing is a nickname, it is very green and I believe it is poplar. I must admit I have never seen poplar so consistently green before, I have seen streaks of green but this stuff is green through and through.
The drawer was straight forward but for the fact that it has been some time since I hand cut dovetails and went about doing the half blind ones first.The through dovetails on the back of the drawer turned out well enough I just had to add a few pieces of veneer to dress up the front ones.
I just had to finish the top and drawer and it was done, well except for attaching the top that is.

My honest impression is that the original table in F.W. is a bit more elegant because of it's height but I wanted to make this a table that could be used as a beside table. I also liked the original wood that was used but cherry is what I had on hand so cherry is what I used.

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