Friday, December 7, 2012

Oh No! Another Chair.....Really???

I  really had no intention of doing another chair right away after finishing the last one but as fate would have it that's exactly what I going to be doing. My mother in law is having  trouble with her hip and because she can't find a chair to fit her properly she's in a lot of pain. She's not all that tall and with most chairs she sits in her feet do not touch the floor properly and the chairs that are low enough are not made with enough comfort to sit in for any length of time. On our last visit for the Thanksgiving  holiday I took some measurements from several chairs that had what she wanted for size so I could combine them and hopefully make a chair that she can sit in comfortably  for more than just a short time. The game plan is to make a prototype from the measurements and see how it fits her. After any changes that need to be made I can build her a more refined chair.We want to use a "Wounder Gel " seat cushion for added comfort. We think this will go a long way in making a more comfortable chair.

                                                       Wounder Gel seat cushion

 As it now stands I have a drawing made of the side view of the prototype.She want's a chair with little or no recline in it but she still needs lumbar support. This will probably be my biggest obstacle. I think the prototype won't have any splay to it from front to back as I don't want to spend a bunch of time on details that wont affect finding the right fit.  I will probably make this out of an inexpensive wood such as pine or poplar. I will be the first to admit that I am not a chair maker but I will do what I can.

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