Monday, December 24, 2012

Pine Chair .... a work in progress

 While I was letting the parts set for a few days I made a drawing of the top view of the chair so I could figure out the joinery. Its always nice to have a full size drawing so you can check and get actual measurements when needed. On the side view I went over the pencil drawing with a sharpie marker so it could be seen better but with the top view I needed to leave it as is because I needed it to be accurate.

These are the best pics I could get with the light I had. The front is splayed out at 87deg.
Back leg to back & side rail joint

Front leg to front & side rail joint

Front & back mortise & tenons are cut at 90deg, the sides are cut at 87deg.
Now that the parts had a couple of days to acclimate to my shop I got busy milling the parts to final dimensions. I made a transparent copy of the back leg so I could transfer the profile to the part and see exactly where I needed to cut the mortises, these need to be cut before I cut the back leg to shape.


 While I was cutting mortises & tenon joints in the parts I glued up the blocks I'm going to use for the arms.

This is the chair as it sits in the shop dry fitted together. I  have to decide how I want to do the back support and may end up adding a strip of wood along the back rail to give it some thickness to attach it, a dumb oversight on my part.  It will probably also need some supports between the legs.

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