Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pine Chair .....moving forward

Well after I had some time to think on this project a little I made a couple decisions that needed to be made.  I decided to make a back support that could be upholstered. I found some forest green fabric that will work fine for this project and I have enough for the back rest and the seat.
I got after shaping the parts and getting them all sanded to 220 after that I wet all the parts with water and hit them with 220 again because I am going to add some water based dye to the wood to darken the wood as most of the pine furniture in the house is dark. After that I flipped the chair upside down so I could set the supports for the seat and the corner braces in place. I used a few card scrappers to set the gap between the wood supports and the side rails. This makes sure the seat can easily be removed from the chair.

After that was done I took it all apart again and did the first part of the glue-up, the seat legs to the front, back, and side rails. I attached the arm supports without glue and set the back rest temporarily because I need to get some foam for the backrest and I want to make sure after it is upholstered the top and bottom of the back rest are set properly. I'm not sure how bulky its going to be and I don't want to have to move it after its screwed in place.

 The seat cushion should delivered this week so it shouldn't take much to finish it up. It will be more a matter of the time it takes to stain and finish it that will be the big time consumer.

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  1. you know I really like the straight lines of this piece - big shock - it gives it a nice sturdy look!


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