Saturday, November 30, 2013

Long Overdue Band Saw Fence

I have really needed a band saw fence for some time now. I bought an old 20" Bridgewood band saw about a year ago and every time I've needed a fence I just clamped a board to the table top.

I have a couple books dedicated to the band saw and one of these is a book by Kenneth Burton called " band saw tips and tricks". In this book is a shop made fence that looked pretty simple to make and had the ability to adjust for blade drift.

  I cut all the parts to the sizes on the cut list.        I just used scrap hardwood.

 I bought all the steel needed for the fence from Lowes but I would have found a cheaper source  for this if it had not been a holiday week and just wanted to get it done. The guide bar has a series of dado's cut into it to allow for the steel bar.

 After the steel bar was pilot drilled and attached to the guide bar I drilled a couple holes in the table because I didn't have holes to accept the guide bar. The guide bar was attached 5/8 " down from the table top to allow for the pivot base on the fence.

The pivot base is just a couple pieces of 5/8 thick hardwood. one has a dado cut on the bottom to allow for the vertical apron , also a 3/8 hole  and a slotted hole made to allow for the fence to pivot. There is a knob that fits into a hole on the apron pc.
Pivot base without the vertical apron.

Bottom of fence showing holes used to pivot the fence.
 A 2 3/4' long pc. of 3/4' bar is tapped to accept the stud on the knob. This piece slides between the retaining strips on the guide bar and tighten the fence when the knob is turned.

 Its not the greatest fence system as it has a little play but that may be the makers fault and not in the design. I will try a few things to tighten it up but it will definitely work for what I need it to do.

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