Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cherry Lilly Table

After making the Small Cherry Table  I had plans to build another table with the legs reversed. As it happens  Fine Woodworking recently published a article with a table similar to what I was going to build so I decided to just build off their plans and make things easy on myself. The author said the table legs reminded her of a calla Lilly so that is were the title of this blog comes from.
  My  table will be a little shorter and if I can't help myself may have some embellishment. The magazine table has a couple techniques that I've never done before so I can try my hand at them and probably learn something in the process.
I started out  milling all the wood and letting it acclimate for a while. I re milled the legs to final size and did the layout for the joinery.

I used my router to cut the mortises. I know it can be time consuming and a struggle sometimes but it seems to be a little easier than drilling and chopping them out, my other option. I used my router table and a little trick I learned from a video from Fine Woodworking. I set my depth of cut and just added a spacer to the table to lift the work up removing the spacers one at a time to get the cut to full depth.
a sheet of 1/4" plywood for a spacer

The mortices are cut in a way to allow for longer tenons by cutting two different styles of mortice on apposing sides of the leg. This allows them to fit together inside the leg.
Most of the table frame parts are cut to final size with the joinery left to be done but I just ran out of time to get that done so that is were it stands now.

 The bottom is made like a frame and panel and I have yet to mill those parts.

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