Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Continuing the Cherry Table

It has been very cold in my area so I haven't spent as much time in the shop as I would like. Its hard to get motivated when its so cold out even though I just have to turn the heat on. Ok  enough with the excuses.
I had to mill up the material for the drawer bottom,drawer sides,and the drawer support frame.I resawed some cherry and some sort of poplar that is real green that I was told is called pickle wood, a term or type of wood I never heard of. I broke the golden rule and after resawing did not let the wood acclimate to the shop before final milling and gluing up the two panels.As you can see below they cupped pretty bad. You may be able to see that I added water to the top of them to counter the cupping. I worked just fine on the poplar but the cherry was a little thicker and would not go as flat as I would like so I just ripped the panel down the glue joint and fliped one panel and that seemed to work. I didn't hurt that I had a little more thickness so it could be planed flat.

I made a small jig to use to drill the holes to attach the inside panels to the front and back panels. After
this was done I could dry fit and get a measurement for a size on the drawer support panel.

With that done I could shape the legs and then dry fit again so I could measure and scribe the taper on the front,back, and side panel so the reveal would be the same from top to bottom on the leg. It will make more sense when it shown in a picture after final dry fit.
I had to tapper the sides about 1/8th" to get the reveal right. this was done with a # 5 jack plane first to remove most of the materiel and then a #4 to finish it up smooth.

I have all the parts sanded to 320 and plan on finishing with shellac before I assemble the table, this seems to work well and saves the trouble of trying to get an even finish in all the tight spaces.  I can fit the drawer and top when that's done and it should be pretty easy to finish up. Below is the table dry fit after tapering and then disassembled and sanded waiting for finish.

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